New ways to eco-effectiveness, innovation and success in small and medium-sized enterprises!


Why this training?

The advanced training deals with the innovative Cradle to Cradle® design concept. During the piloting German experts from  Environmental Protection Encouragement Agency (EPEA) introduced in the topic as EPEA works with clients worldwide applying the Cradle to Cradle®-methodology to the design of new processes, products and services. More information on the concept can be found from

Cradle to Cradle® means a design concept related to circular economy, where all materials, products, etc. flow in infinite material life cycles thus being economically successful, conducive to the environment and healthy for consumers without producing any kind of waste. Cradle to Cradle® approach pursues an optimization process in small and medium sized enterprises with gradual solutions over time.


What are the benefits?

  • cost savings by material efficiency
  • more competitive position in markets and in new market segments
  • upgrade of the company image to customers, employees and stakeholders


What do SMEs learn in the training?


… receive detailed understanding of the Cradle to Cradle® (C2C) concept

… initiate C2C inspired changes in enterprise

… realise advantages through C2C use


How is the training set up?

The training contains 1,5 days entry, working and learning in own enterprise and closing part of 1,5 days.


Who can take part?

The further training is offered for owners and employees of SMEs across various industries.


Where were the trainings carried out?

Within the project the training for SMEs were carried out in Budapest, Hungary, in Worclaw, Poland and Schwerin, Germany.


What will be taught?

Few key themes were:

  • C2C Design
  • C2C Prototypes and case studies
  • Innovation workshop
  • Roadmap for project works in SMEs
  • Outlining the steps to implementation
  • Models and instruments


Who should I contact when interested?


Blankeneser Landstrasse 7

22587 Hamburg

Phone: 049 40 82 24 47 0